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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a method of sheet forming in which ...

Pressure Forming

High-pressure forming is similar to vacuum forming, however you…

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Trimming, Assembly, Finishing Operations

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Shamrock Plastics
We are proud of the service we offer at Shamrock Plastics where you will work with a professional and experienced team to develop a plan, which considers each facet of your product’s specifications.

Quality Certified Company

The processes currently in place are a culmination of the best strategies learned over the years from our Caterpillar Certifications, our ISO 9001 Certification and Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques.

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We measure our service in two ways: one – our on time delivery performance, which is consistently in the 99% range; and two – what our customers say about us.

Mission Statement

Shamrock Plastics mission is to help customers achieve solutions to their product needs with the design, manufacturing and delivery of world class quality plastic parts by an experienced, award winning staff. 

Core Values

      • Long-term partnership with customers

      • Passionate devotion to quality in production and service

  • Individuals and their contributions are valued and respected


Proven Quality Track Record

Quality is not an end result but rather a culture. That culture is alive and well at Shamrock Plastics and has been evolving since our inception in 1968. Click here

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Leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for every customers.

Shamrock Plastics was founded in 1968 for the purpose of supplying custom vacuum formed parts to the local market. Since that time Shamrock Plastics has expanded and grown, to include pressure forming (an economical alternative to injection molding).
We have partnered with Shamrock Plastics for many years and found that they continually search for new materials, technologies or methods that speed up production or take cost out of the tooling.
Scott & Tom Hermann, Co-Owners Performance Pattern and Machine
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Since 1968, we provide best service for our valuable clients.

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