Shamrock Plastics, Inc. Shamrock Plastics, Inc.
  Custom Parts
  These are the parts we produce to your exact specifications and range in size and application. We specialize in parts for vehicle interiors, intricate pressure formed parts, parts produced from FDA approved material for the food industry, large covers for dumpsters and many other applications. It would be impossible, being a custom shop,
to show all the different items we have made or can manufacture. The purpose of this page is to give you a general idea of what we have to offer. Please contact us with your specific needs.
Custom Plastics, Barrel Cover (Low Density Polyethylene)   Barrel Cover (Low Density Polyethelene)
This 55-gallon drum cover is made to fit the varying tolerances of the barrel with crisp customer logo and instructions molded right on the part.
Custom Plastics, ABS Material
Custom Plastics, ABS Material
Back Panel (ABS Material)
This panel consists of two formed parts, sonic welded together and sealed with silicone to form an air plenum for the air conditioning. The panel has mechanical fasteners assembled, and in addition to serving as an air plenum also serves as a decorative panel for the rear of the cab.

Custom Plastics, Pressure Formed Parts
Custom Plastics, Pressure Formed Parts
Custom Plastics, ABS Material
Large Dash (ABS Material)
This part is made in one piece that is 5’
long and 15” high. The various curves and
angles allow us to use all 5 axes on our
CNC Routers.
Custom Plastics, RH Console (ABS Material)

RH Console (ABS Material)
This part has many intricate cutouts with relatively close tolerances to accept an assembled cup holder, ashtray, lighter, etc. Noise suppression foam is also assembled to the underside of the part and in addition, the part provides a functional and decorative cover for the console area of the cab.

Proprietary Parts
Shamrock Plastics, Pumpkin Lamplighter Lamplighters "(HIPS Material)"

Lamplighters are decorative covers
that simply fit over your existing yard
lamp or coach lights. No cords ... No
hassles ... Installs in seconds! Fits
most brands, styles and sizes of yard
lamps. They not only look good during
the day, but glow magnificently at night.
Holiday decorating doesn’t get any easier.

Shamrock Plastics, Snowman Lamplighter
•   Easy to assemble
•   Weather resistant plastic
•   Fits most yard lamps
•   Made in the USA
•   Packaged in bar-coded plastic bags

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