Shamrock Plastics, Inc. Shamrock Plastics, Inc.
  Plastics With Endless Potential
Shamrock Plastics worked diligently to manufacture an extremely complex vacuum formed dash assembly. Due to the design requirements; this assembly required the utilization of 3 forming tools to produce the desired result. Shamrock took a leap and produced the component on time and on budget. Job well done!

Andrew Montgomery
Non-Metallics Engineer
Shamrock Plastics is Onken’s sole supplier of plastic lids for our bin sales. They are unmatched in quality, service and price and we have never had anything but stellar service from the company and their employees. It’s good to work with a business with such attention to detail! We wouldn’t want to do business with anyone else!

David Hull
Onken Incorporated
We were very pleased with the attention to detail that Shamrock personnel
exercised in the production of the new plastic covers needed for the training module
we were manufacturing for Caterpillar Inc.

Daymon Lyons
Director of Materials
Dickey-john Corporation
Shamrock Plastics has been a certified supplier for many years. In that period of time,
they have always maintained excellent delivery performance, superior quality and
worked tirelessly to maintain competitive prices.

Supplier Development Engineer
World's Largest Maker of Tract Type Tractors