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Vacuum Forming
Thermoforming of Dashboard Shroud (Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming, Plug Forming)

Dashboard Shroud - formed
and rough cut.

Vacuum forming is a method of sheet forming in which the plastic sheet is clamped in a stationary frame, heated and drawn down by vacuum onto a mold. In a loose sense, the term is sometimes used to refer to all sheet forming techniques involving the use of vacuum and stationary molds. It is characterized by extremely low tooling cost and part cost. Like pressure forming, vacuum forming features sheets of varying size heated to a point of maximum flexibility, then formed to a mold. Also like pressure forming, the air between the mold and material is removed by a powerful vacuum as the heated plastic melds to the mold and takes on its new shape. Although vacuum forming lacks some of the refined detail of pressure formed parts, it’s dramatic economies make vacuum forming a sensible alternative for many simple designs, large parts, small to high quantity production runs and molded components that need to progress from concept to tooling to finished product in a hurry.