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Because “With Us ... It’s Personal”
Quality is not an end result but rather a culture. That culture is alive and well at Shamrock Plastics and has been evolving since our inception in 1968. The processes currently in place are a culmination of the best strategies learned over the years from our Caterpillar Certifications, our ISO 9001 Certification and Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques.

The strategies are implemented by well-trained, experienced technicians using a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment and software including Pro E Wildfire. These strategies and uncompromising standards by our people have resulted in a quality rating for defects per 1000 parts in the range of six hundredths of one percent. And though the numbers are not the objective that is how we keep score in our culture where perfection is the goal and excellence is tolerated.
Shamrock Plastics, Caterpillar Certifications Shamrock Plastics, ISO 9001:2000 Certification
Shamrock Plastics, Quality and Personal Service
We are proud of the service we offer at Shamrock Plastics where you will work with a professional and experienced
team to develop a plan, which considers each facet of
your product’s specifications. Our program management
team will complement your staff and provide the interface with resources for tooling, manufacturing, quality
assurance and post molding assembly. We can provide complementary components to improve product integrity
and expedite delivery. We can provide very efficient and economical “turn key” programs from initial concept
through production and finishing.

We measure our service in two ways: one – our on time delivery performance, which is consistently in the 99%
range; and two – what our customers say about us.